ABA Advocates

Purpose: to impact public policy decisions, state regulations, state law, state funding and MCO policy decisions to benefit the partners of ABA Advocates and the children and families they serve. Also, to promote the ABA profession to government and community stakeholders.

ABA Advocates is:  A group of provider organizations, individual providers and other advocates who have decided to partner (not in a legal sense) together and pool their funds together to hire Bart Baldwin Consulting to lobby on their behalf and manage ABA Advocates.

ABA Advocates is not:

  • a formalized or legal association or coalition.
  • a 501(C)3 organization or a 501(C)6 organization or any other IRS defined entity.
  • a coalition/association to assist members with business strategy and development.

What ABA Advocates can expect from Bart Baldwin Consulting:

  • Direct Lobbying to Key Decision Makers in the:
    • General Assembly
    • Governor’s Office
    • Cabinet for Health and Family Services
    • Department for Medicaid Services
    • Department for Behavioral Health, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities
    • Department of Education
    • Medicaid Managed Care Organizations
  • Provide Government Affairs Consultation to include:
    • Public Policy Priority Development
    • Political Strategy
    • Grassroots Advocacy Development
    • Training on effective advocacy and lobbying
  • Management of ABA Advocates to include:
    • Billing and collecting of fees
    • Planning, organizing and staffing routine meetings of ABA Advocates
    • Maintaining routine communications with all partners of ABA Advocates

What is expected of you/your organization:

  • Be an active participant in ABA Advocates meetings, activities etc.
  • Be an advocate and build relationships with your elected officials.
  • Maintain confidentiality of information intended for ABA Advocates only.
  • Share information within your organization and network (action alerts etc.).


  • Provider Organization: $200/month
  • Fees are paid in advance and may be paid monthly/quarterly/semiannually or annually

For more information or to become a part of ABA Advocates please contact Bart Baldwin at (502) 320-1143.